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Matthew Callison

Teaching and Learning Book Project: Book Trailers

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Teaching and Learning Book Project

This is part three of an ongoing series about a project my students complete as part of a “Technology Integration in K-12” course I teach at Indiana University Bloomington.

After students have read their books, and posted a review to amazon.com, they choose an instructional approach that they would like to learn more about. Once they have made a decision about the instructional approach, students create a short book trailer for the book. 

At the end of this component of the project students have one more artifact for their professional portfolio that demonstrates their technology skills, ability to communicate a message effectively in a concise, multimedia format, and shows they are familiar with different student-centered teaching approaches. Finally, because this project is published on Youtube, there is a good chance another teacher wanting to learn more about the flipped classroom or ROLE Reversal may find their book trailer helpful.

Below is a description of this aspect of the Teaching and Learning Book Project:

Video Book Trailer Description

Using Explain Everything, iMovie, PowToon.com or another similar tool, you will create a “Video Book Trailer” on your book in which you share your key learnings with other educators. You will create a book trailer that shares:

  1. A brief summary of the book
  2. Three key takeaways from the book
  3. Why other educators in your professional context should read this book (For example, What
  4. problem does this book address?)


This book trailer should be between 1-2 minutes in length.


The audience of your book trailer is other educators in your professional context.


Using the tool of your choice, you will need to publicly post your book trailer to YouTube.com, as well as submit the URL through the course LMS.

Example Book Trailers


Below are two examples students created this spring.

Flipped Learning

ROLE Reversal

In the next post I will share with you more information about the teacher interview aspect of this project.

About the author: Matthew Callison is an educator, author, and consultant who is passionate about helping others create technology-rich, student-centered learning environments.

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  • Meredith

    I am looking forward to using video book trailers with my preservice teachers as well. Would love to see the rubric you use if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thanks!

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