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Matthew Callison

Teaching and Learning Book Project: Amazon Book Reviews

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Teaching and Learning Book Project

This is part two of an ongoing series about a project my students complete as part of a “Technology Integration in K-12″ course I teach at Indiana University Bloomington.

As I mentioned in the overview of this project, the first step in this project is that student read each of the following books:

  1. Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day
  2. Role Reversal: Achieving Uncommonly Excellent Results in the Student-Centered Classroom
  3.  The 5-Minute Teacher: How do I maximize time for learning in my classroom?

After students complete reading each book, they are responsible for completing book reviews on Amazon.com. Read below to learn more about this aspect of the project. 

Book Review Description

Use the steps outlined in this article to write a book review for Amazon.com. Because you are asked to “respond to the author’s opinions” and “explore the issues the book raises” (see the steps of the book review here), this book review also serves as your book reflection.


The audience of your book review is other educators that might be exploring the possibility of reading the same book.


I am looking for a thoughtful, professional review of your book that is written in a way that is helpful to other educators looking for information about your book. Your review is designed to demonstrate your thinking and learning that is a result of your reading. Your review should include the essential parts of a good book review.

How to Submit

After submitting your review to Amazon, please copy the URL of your review and submit to your instructor using the course LMS.

Helpful Information

  1. How to submit a review on Amazon.com
  2. Amazon.com review guidelines
  3. How to edit your review on Amazon.com

Examples and Non-Examples

  1. Example that meets the project expectations
  2. Example that does not meet the project expectations

In the next post, I will provide information about the book trailers students create, and provide a couple examples of student work.

About the author: Matthew Callison is an educator, author, and consultant who is passionate about helping others create technology-rich, student-centered learning environments.

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