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Matthew Callison

Teaching and Learning Book Project: Overview

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Teaching and Learning Book Project

This is part one of an ongoing series about a project my students complete as part of a “Technology Integration in K-12” course I teach at Indiana University Bloomington. 

Part of my work as a doctoral student is teaching courses in Indiana University’s Computer Educator Licensure (CEL) program. This program offers undergraduate, on-campus course for preservice teachers, and online graduate level courses for in-service teachers. The Computer Educator license certifies teachers to teach several computer related courses and be a technology coach.

Over the past two years I taught the undergraduate and graduate level “Technology Integration in K-12” and “Technology Leadership in K-12” courses. Two aspects of the courses that I feel really good about are the field trips we took to visit innovative schools, the field experiences I instituted  in both courses (you can never provide enough experiences in classrooms), and the opportunities I created for students to connect with innovative educators from across the country. The Teaching and Learning Book Project  (I know, I know…how could I think of such a creative name?) is an example of one project in which students connect with innovative teachers. Read more about the project below:

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to help students:

  • Learn about student-centered instructional approaches in a meaningful way
  • Develop student competence in locating and connecting with other teachers
  • Build a students’ professional networks
  • Contribute meaningful work to the world-wide conversation about education

Project Steps

  1. Students read the following books:
  2. Students complete a book review on Amazon.com. This book review should be written in a way that is helpful to other educators looking for information about these book.
  3. Students choose either the Flipping or ROLE approach that they would like to learn more about.
  4. Students create a “book trailer” for the book focused on that approach
  5. Students identify  a teacher who is using that approach
  6. Students conduct an interview using Google Hangout on Air

In the next post, I will share more about the book reviews students create for this project.

About the author: Matthew Callison is an educator, author, and consultant who is passionate about helping others create technology-rich, student-centered learning environments.

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