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Matthew Callison

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program for iOS

in Technology Integration
Student using an iPad

Over the past few years I have worked with several schools and districts that have implemented a 1:1 program with iPad. One of the biggest complaints I hear is how difficult it is to set-up and deploy hundreds of iPads. In the past each device has to be touched in order to set it up for the end user. Well, if you are using a MDM solution, managing a 1:1 program, or deploying hundreds or thousands of iPads should no longer be a headache. Apple’s new solution, called Device Enrollment Program (DEP), allows iOS devices to easily be enrolled, set-up, configured, and assigned all over wifi. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort needed to get up and running with an iPad program. This short video (embedding was disabled), shows how Immaculata-La Salle High School used Apple’s Device Enrollment Program to efficiently refresh their 1:1 program to the new iPad Air.

About the author: Matthew Callison is an educator, author, and consultant who is passionate about helping others create technology-rich, student-centered learning environments.

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